Volunteer Opportunities



Contrary to popular opinion, this job is not about decorating tents!! If you are creative, if you like design, if you like working with a really fun group of people, this job could be for you.

For more info contact: Marcy DeWolfe marcydewolfe@me.com

Grants Committee

If you would like to team up with those making a real difference in our community, joining the grant committee could be just the thing for you!

  • *It’s a very rewarding experience.
  • *We review applications from 501c3 organizations in Indian River County.
  • *We evaluate and report on an agency’s effectiveness.
  • *Time Commitment – As part of a team, we make 4-5 site visits in January & February.
For more info contact:

Tambourine Resale Shop

If you like fashion, meeting and greeting people, working in a retail setting, designing store displays, this could be the job for you.

  • *Receive, evaluate and display merchandise: from designer clothing (womens and mens) to valuable antiques; from housewares to art work.
  • *Document sales and provide customer service.
  • *Time Commitment – a few hours a week, working with other JI members.
For more info contact:
Christine Shreve cshreve05@comcast.net


If you ‘d like to reach out to new members of the JI Community; if you’d like to be a “guardian angel’ to a new J.I. family; if you’d like to create fun ways to attract new members to the JICSL, the membership committee might be the one for you.

  • *Time Commitment – a few hours a month.
For more info contact:
Delia Willsey membership@jicsl.org

The John's Island Community Service League Wants You!